When to go to the Caribbean

December through April are generally a lot drier with low humidity and cooler nights. Outside this period the islands are known to have ‘stickier’ weather and heavy downpours. Obviously this means between December and April prices are higher and carry a premium during school holidays; they are usually busiest during December and New Year.

In terms of the ideal month, it most likely is May. Taking into account the balance between weather and the cost of flights and accommodation there it’s significantly less to travel at this time and the weather is still good enough to enjoy the sunshine.

Where to go…

As I’m sure you’re aware the Caribbean is a magnificent place to visit but if you’re looking for a  more specific activity to try your hand at here then we have highlighted what each of the main islands are known for and what they have to offer

US Virgin Islands: Looking for a carnival is St Thomas? From sunset sand festivals to sea turtle sails there’s always something happening around these parts!

Cayman Islands: Known for being one of the most scenic parts of the Caribbean, you may even be able to stick to your budget here whilst you enjoy the white beaches and grab yourself a great hotel deal. Roam the streets here and you will find the locals welcoming and kind, mainly because they are a tight knit community. You’re bound to fall in love with this island’s beauty.

St Kitts & Nevis: It’s amazing to think a quarter of the land here is green with its rainforest expanding rather than shrinking. Here you will be surrounded by wildlife, from chattering vervet monkeys and scurrying families of mongoose, to roaming cows, goats and black-bellied sheep. Whilst you are here don’t forget to visit Frigate Beach and endure its excellent festivals!

Barbados: Here we have 3000 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 26 degrees. It’s a top spot for exploring and being active in the Caribbean, you can your hand at snorkelling and scuba diving. It would probably be worth noting that all the beaches here are different allowing you to experience giving you a different experience each day.

St. Lucia: This Island’s got it all – sprawling chalk-coloured beaches, towering mountains, upscale resorts and bargain bungalows. Start your day with a hike through the mighty Piton Mountains, soak up some midday sun along Reduit Beach and watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.

Bahamas: These well-liked islands transform into spring break nerve centres each year, so it’s best you avoid them around then if you don’t like crowds. Still, the Bahamas are unparalleled when it comes to flight deals and discounted room rates.

St. Bart’s: Khaki-coloured beaches separate the island’s hilly landscape from the turquoise waters. Just be prepared to splurge – St. Bart’s is known for the well-heeled, beckoning to Hollywood’s finest. Still, you can score some good deals if you plan well in advance.

Now you know a bit about the different islands, we hope this makes it easier for you to make that all important decision of which island will most suit your needs. It’s all about the type of person you are and what makes your holiday perfect.

If it’s more information you need, just get in touch.