If you haven’t been skiing before, here’s why you should give it a try…

Après Ski is possibly one of the main reasons skiers continue to visit the slopes repeatedly each year. Whether you’re a competitive or beginner skier you’ll be able to hang up your skis at any outdoor bar on the slopes and enjoy your well-deserved beverage with many other fellow skiers – and then depending how much you’re enjoying yourself – party the night away.

Wherever you decide to go on your skiing trip, you’ll always find spectacular scenery. Many of the resorts are built on cobbled streets, from which you can see panoramic views of the mountain ranges dotted with dimly lit historic lodges. At night you’ll see the surreal pink glow of the sunset and will never be able to take enough pictures to capture it.

If its adrenaline you’re looking for then this might possibly be one of the most extreme sports you can easily give a go. The rush of the slopes is what all skiers love and have in common; you can’t beat the exhilarating feeling of being able to ski past someone in the blink of an eye. Even if you’re a beginner you’ll appreciate the openness of the slopes and feel like you’re going ten times faster than you actually are.

When we say ‘ski’ it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all about the skiing. Nearly all ski resorts offer a range of snow sports you can take part in from snowboarding and tubing to snowmobiles and husky sledding (dependant on where you visit). You’ll even find spas to relax and regenerate in. Most resorts offer a wide range of beauty treatments and many accommodations come with an outdoor Jacuzzi. If you visit, this is a must – it’s quite an experience sitting in a Jacuzzi being surrounded by the sparkling snow and slopes!

Another aspect that makes ski stand out from your average package sun holiday is the accommodation and cuisine. In most ski resorts you have the option to stay in a catered chalet and enjoy first class food. It’s quite a luxury to have someone come in to serve breakfast and have everything set up so beautifully. The staff at these resorts are so welcoming and friendly and will be willing to offer you as much advice as you need. The accommodation itself is usually out of this world, if you’re looking for something that would seem like it’s been replicated from a film set then you need to experience one of these lodges with their open fires and spacious lounge areas.

As you can tell, a skiing break is completely different to the ‘norm’ and once you’ve tried it you will always want to return to the slopes.